Opening to Love:

How to Heal Mother Hunger

and Attract the Love You Deserve

8-Week Course Starts Thursday, April 21, 2022 

With Vickie Falcone, M.A. | Soul-Centered Relationship Coach


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Our mother was the earliest foundation for how we understood love. Our mother’s love--or lack of it—became imprinted on our developing brain and continues to direct our romantic choices even today.

If you repeatedly feel pain, frustration, and confusion in your romantic relationships, rather than what you truly desire: closeness, warmth, and security, you may be suffering from a condition known as Mother Hunger.

Scientists have determined that the early relationship between the mother and child imprints on the infant’s nervous system, becoming a template for future relationships.

If you struggle with Mother Hunger, relationships for you might have been an unconscious and never-ending attempt to re-create your mother’s love.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You have a pattern of attracting partners who are not available
  • You abandon your wants and needs when in a relationship
  • You crave closeness and feel needy in relationships (anxious) AND/ OR find relationships tiring and suffocating (avoidant)
  • You have read books, gathered information—maybe even worked with a therapist—but are still frustrated, because you keep falling into the same old patterns when it comes to dating and relationships
  • You are single and want to attract a healthy, loving partner OR you are in a relationship and want to let go of unhealthy patterns + create a deeper connection with your partner
  • You are ready to heal and release your inner blocks to love


If you answered YES as you read these, then the invitation I am about to give you may change your life.

This is not another course where you take a bunch of notes, get some intellectual theory, go home and nothing changes in your life.

We will uncover the patterns that have held you back in love … you will let go of those that no longer serve you.

This is a life-changing experience. You will not emerge the same as you went into it. This is my promise.

The way I see it, information alone is not enough to create a change. You’ve got to get to the root of your relationship issues:

Your programming and conditioning.

In other words, your childhood wounds—and specifically, the Mother Wound.

This intensive course is your opportunity to do just that in a safe and sacred space.


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OPENING TO LOVE is a LIVE, 8-week transformational, experiential seminar. It is designed to give you the unique insights to heal the Mother Wound (and the Father Wound) and show up for yourself like never before.

You will release the hidden blocks that have prevented you from attracting your soulmate.

You will be guided, loved, and stretched in ways that are guaranteed to help you identify and clear any deep unconscious blocks to love.

What's possible?

Imagine feeling peace at you date and meet new people…

Imagine deeply loving and accepting yourself…

Imagine being deeply loved and cherished by the partner of your dreams.

I can hear what you are thinking…

Vickie, is this really possible?

Though I realize that it may feel unattainable for you right now, please know this. A profound shift is absolutely possible.

I know for sure because I did it for myself and I’ve helped my clients do the same.

My promise is that the Opening to Love Course will save you years of time and energy.

It will take your commitment … on my end, I am ready to commit to you and your transformation 100%. Are you?

Are you in?

Committing to this course is ultimately a commitment to loving yourself.

Once you say “Yes!” you will begin a powerful journey of deep healing and transformation. Your transformation doesn’t just begin when the course starts, but the moment you commit.

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Here’s what I know to be true…  

A group provides a powerful catalyst for change.

Inner transformation requires effort, a safe space, an experienced guide, and a whole lot of love. When this is done within a group of women who are for each other, lovingly holding each other accountable…anything is possible.

Here's What You'll Learn

Week 1: CREATE a Soul-Centered Vision for Your Transformation

Week 2: CULTIVATE Your Courage and Intuition

Week 3: HEAR and Heal Your Inner Child

Week 4: RECLAIM Your Power and Aliveness

Week 5: UNEARTH Your Authentic Self

Week 6: RELEASE Patterns of Codependency

Week 7: UNDERSTAND (and heal) Your Attachment Style

Week 8: STEP INTO a Life That Feeds Your Soul

*Course meets:

8 consecutive Thursdays from 6:00PM - 7:30PM Pacific Time

and a half-day intensive Sunday, May 22, 2022 from 9:00AM – noon Pacific Time.

Vickie Falcone


I’m Vickie Falcone, and over the last 25 years, I’ve coached and trained thousands of parents, couples, and single spiritual women who want to find their soulmate. I’m a seasoned coach, keynote speaker, and author of the book, Buddha Never Raised Kids and Jesus Didn’t Drive Carpool and the audio series Parenting That Works and the Dating on Higher Ground course.

It took me years to finally name— and then heal—the childhood wounds that were running my relationships. Once I did though, everything changed for me. It started with me feeling more empowered as I dated. I found the courage to be my most Authentic Self. I began to really TRUST and partner with the Divine. Then … I met and married my Soulmate!

This same story is available for you.

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The next Opening to Love Course starts April 21, 2022


  • The Opening to Love LIVE course taught by Vickie Falcone, M.A. in an intimate online setting
  • A 3-hour deep-dive group coaching intensive with Vickie (Sunday, May 1, 2022 from 9:00-noon Pacific)
  • All recordings of sessions available online for one full year in the course area for you to refer back to! 
  • Private online community group for extra support and encouragement


  • A commitment to spend 10 minutes per day on average doing the inner work that creates lasting change
  • This will include writing exercises, visualizations, prayer, meditation and a few sweet surprises 


Choose from 2 payment options:


2 payments of $333

Opening to Love 8-week course




Opening to Love 8-week course



I am so confident that you will love the Opening to Love 8 - Week Course, that I offer a full guarantee. Any time in first 21 days from the date you enroll, you may request a full refund, and I will promptly return your money in full.
Money Back Guarantee

The wound is the place where the light enters you.”



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